India was one of the leaders in Bicycle Manufacturing , but in the last two decades India has LOST the opportunity to be a world leader in exporting bicycles. China and Taiwan have captured the opportunity and have developed complete ecosystems for making the best cycles.

BOB/BCDC creates multiple windows to explore initiatives to win in the global market. Post Corona with the push for "Make In India" and the reduction on the dependency of chinese imports world over - there is a great opportunity for India to promote cycles and sustainability.


  1. Create a Robust Ecosystem Framework for enabling designers and Makers to join hands to create the best products in India.
  2. Build and Host a active community of designers and makers on BCDC platform
  3. Link, Connect and create hub for SME in Active Mobility to be part of the transformation
  4. Identify Talent and enable startup creation with seed to scale capability
  5. Enable Funding through Accelerator program as a Venture led initiative
  6. to deliver the product to the market.

The Ecosystem combines the best elements of design and manufacturing to deliver the reliability, strong quality standards and high performance of products with innovation, openness and collaboration with manufacturers and researchers.

COLLABORATION •Comprised of different actors across different knowledge and service sectors

INNOVATION •Integrate Designers and Business Managers •Innovate product, process and people skilling

COMPETENCE •Design, Develop and Deliver competence in manufacturing the best in quality products

CO-CREATION •Tie up with other corporate houses to develop inhouse Active Mobility Products by enabling startups.

Market Focus#

  • Cycle Rickshaw for Last Mile Connectivity in Urban Neighborhoods
  • Cargo Bicycles for Retail Businesses
  • Delivery Bicycles for Delivery Startups like Swiggy
  • Rural Bicycles for Rural Needs.
  • Special Bicycles for Indian Women Needs.


  • Import from China Lack of Bicycle Adaptation in Indian Middle-Class
  • Segment
  • Lack of Bicycle Design Culture
  • Design Stagnancy in Industry
  • Lack of Innovation Ecosystem
  • Lack of Knowledge Sharing - Experimenting and Resource Sharing.


  • Huge Market of $200Billion+ Globally for Active Mobility Products
  • Huge Demand for low emission products due to climate awareness
  • Potential to produce 10 lakh green jobs directly and indirectly
  • Lack of Innovation Ecosystem
  • Lack of Knowledge Sharing - Experimenting and Resource Sharing
  • Atma Nirbhar - Self reliant India can be realized quickly for political
  • dividends.
  • Local Jobs at least direct and indirect jobs of 5 lakh + .

3 Year Goal#

  1. Design and Make Active Mobility Products - 10 Unique Products with 3 being top 10 products in India which will result in an Inclusive and Sustainable Mobility for India
  2. Enable Creation of at least 5 startups making these unique products with adequate funding and a sustainable revenue which will enable Building Societal Scale Mobility Solutions for India
  3. Create a Bharath Bicycle Design Studio cum Lab for students to explore and experiment the functional and business economics of Active Mobility which will enable global Industry, Academia &
  4. Government collaboration for Active Mobility in India
  5. Active Mobility Design and Manufacturing Policy for Making India World Leader in Active Mobility.
  6. Create an Active Mobility Manufacturing Architecture a. a. Active Mobility component parts and design standardization

Design in India#

Indian cycle manufacturing is lagging in research and design to take on the global competition. We just don’t need a designer with a bicycle design. What we need is a design culture for bicycle designing. This is the first step in this direction , done for the first time in India. Great design starts with the customer

Make In India#

The dependence of the industry on institutional sales is substantial. Indian Middle class has drifted away from the bicycle to the two wheeler and cars. This shift need to be reversed by enabling cycles that meet the multiple needs of the middle class.

Innovate in India#