Get started with QuestDB via Homebrew (macOS)

Each software release of QuestDB is distributed via the Homebrew package manager.

Install Homebrew#

Users who already have Homebrew installed may skip this section and proceed to

Install QuestDB#

To install QuestDB via Homebrew, run the following command:

brew install questdb

Uninstall QuestDB#

To remove QuestDB, use Homebrew's uninstall command:

questdb uninstall

Troubleshooting Homebrew issues#

It's recommended to first run update before trying to install packages or diagnose errors:

brew update

Homebrew comes with a basic diagnostic command which can help find inconsistencies with system settings and permissions. This command will exit with a non-zero status if any potential problems are found:

brew doctor

Next steps#

Once you installed the QuestDB with Homebrew, you can navigate to our about its usage.