Lead Ride For Corporate


NNCF initiates the conversation with the company leadership and the key stakeholders to make the company as a Lead Ride Company.

A Lead Ride Company performs the following key roles.

  1. Agrees to organize the Lead Ride on World Cycle Day
  2. Connects and Convenes the Active Mobility Enablement players
  3. Commits funding for the Lead Ride
  4. The Lead Ride Program is supported
  5. Agrees to hold the Lead Ride Round Table along with NNCF leadership 3 times in a year.
  6. Appoints Lead Ride Buddies in the company to lead the effort of Active Mobility Transformation.


We deliver Active Mobility services to companies to help create working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive.

Lead ride drives - Alignment around health and wellness.

By combining mobility plans with cycling We hope to be able to help companies resolve commute issues and also health and wellness issues.

Lead Ride ensures that active lifestyle and wellness are part of the company DNA.

Why Lead Ride for Companies ?#

The air we breathe, It affects us all. Nothing is more intrinsic to health than our environment, with environmental exposures among the leading contributors to health problems. Everyone is affected regardless of income and geography, hence everyone needs to pause and act.

Cycling is one of the ways to beat traffic and the associated problems. Lead Ride Program is structured to critically assess the damage to environment and health and bring about the transformation in the lifestyle and also neighborhood spaces.

Lead Ride will assist companies to embrace active mobility with confidence and drive adoption of active mobility through series of interventions and programs.


Championing a healthy working environment in Corporate Sector through Active Mobility Enablement.


  • Focus on key lifestyle areas—nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, and financial wellbeing—is a great way to say, "We care!"
  • Enjoy their individual wellbeing journeys, bring their best selves to work, and feel good about you as their employer.

Pillars - Program Structure for Corporate#

1>Cycle to Work Incentives for cycling to work, incentives & rewarding.

2> Lead ride buddy network.

  • Bicycle Coaching - Buddies in the company . Motivation and engagement for employees to adopt cycling in their lifestyle.
  • Lead Ride Buddy network - Builds and connects to cycle community.

3> Immersive cycling - transforming neighborhoods of the company

We work with companies and their neighborhood Spaces to inspire healthier lifestyles. Healthier places in turn drive meaningful connections. by designing healthy plces the employees enjoy the purpose, belonging, and balance they crave.

4> Last mile connectivity Enabling last mile connectivity to enable seamless connectivity to companies.

5> Infrastructure
Enable Active Mobility Infastructure inside the company.

How we do ? Bring in Culture.#

Active Mobility is a matter of culture and not just a system of mobility or an iniatiative to halt climate change.

A six dimensional model of culture

Active Mobility Assessment :#

Daily usage of cars to commute has negative impacts on employee health. Evaluating economic and health impacts of active mobility through an integrated assessment model.

Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) will be used to assess the possibilities of enabling Active Mobility.

Assessment of Facilities for Cyclists will also be considered.

Bike Week :#

Bike Week brings together existing cyclists, local bicycle organizations, folks new to biking, experienced bicyclists, and bike educators for a week of fun in the campus.

  • Promote cycling as a sustainable, active commuting opportunity and recreational activity.
  • Improve your skills and confidence as rider.
  • Bike Safety Workshop

B Well Club :#

B- Well Club is an inclusive cycling club for the organization and its community. We aim to make cycling safe, practical and enjoyable for all and to equip riders with the skills to cycle for work, study, in everyday life and for leisure.

Club will be active in promoting cycling through

  • Group Commute.
  • Bike maintenance classes - introduction to bike maintenance, tyres and gears and brakes and steering.
  • Group Bike Touring.
  • Wellness Sessions for the active members.


Finally we celebrate the culture of cycling on the World Cycle Day.


To encourage friendly competition and recognize cycling champions at Companies. The top teams with five or more team members will be recognized based on the following categories:

  • Most New Riders
  • Most Kilometres Cycled
  • Highest Average Kilometres Cycled


Employer Benefits#

  1. Healthy teams are productive teams
  2. Boost productivity
  3. Improve Employee health and wellness
  4. Increase retention
  5. Reduce health bills and other medical costs for employees.
  6. Keeping employees happy today, tomorrow, and into the future
  7. Reduced cases of Cardiovascular Health Diseases
  8. Give employees the pathways to build happier and healthier lives by creating happy places.
  9. Attract and retain the best talent
  10. Reduce sickness and absence
  11. Improve productivity and employee satisfaction
  12. Road Map for Active Mobility Enablement