She Cycles Strategy


She Cycles vision is inspired by our mission to make it easy for women to cycle in cities. Today She Cycles is developing a [She Cycles Platform] , empowering women to build , operate and own the cycle spaces in neighborhoods. Over the next ten years, our vision is to expand She Cycles in the following ways.

First, we expect to continue rapidly maturing our She Cycles Co-Operatives platform for women to invest , own and operate cycle rental spaces. We want to make cycles loveable for women.

Women will need an ability to manage Urban Spaces and its associated Urban Design models . We endeavor to support Women Architects and Women engineers to break the ground in starting and spearheading this movement of creating Active Mobility Enabling Spaces.

Third, we expect She Cycles to become a creation platform for all digital content for women to share and tell stories of Active Mobility. Possible new digital content creation formats we could support include design creation, and other creative media like music and movies.

We take a [seed then nurture] approach all the while, focusing on results.

3-year Strategy#


She Cycles operates in a totally unexplored and unthought market space. We are the first people in India to even think about enabling womens mobility with Bicycles. She Cycles is uniquely positioned in the market with a vision to offer a single platform for the Women to Design, Develop, Own and Operate Active Mobility Spaces.

Strategic Challenges#

  1. Tension between StartUps and Co-operatives: With Startups leading the business models to build platform at scale and deliver we need to deliver an experience simple, consistent, and seamless for women to operate. Our challenge is to drive the right balance between startups and Co-operatives by retaining the best of both . Shifting more focus to Womens Mobility will allow us to win and retain more users in Active Mobility.
  2. and Self-Managed: We intend to build a platform that is focused heavily on delivering a great self-managed experience for women to rent cycles. We now need to rapidly meet the same enterprise-grade security, reliability, and performance expectations women to operate with self confidence.
  3. Wide Customer Profile: She Cycles is going to be used by a wide range of women This range of deployment options and customer sizes makes our business complex and makes it hard to optimize the customer experience for all customer sizes.
  4. Competition: Finally, we have formidable competition from much larger companies, including Yulu etc to name a few.

Product Design and Build Strategy#

  • Focus on increasing Stages per Neighborhood : There is a strong correlation between the number of women cycling and their propensity to upgrade to active mobility. Each She Cycles activation should be laser focused on driving adoption and regular usage of cycles by women, as it should lead to higher reduced churn, and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Harness the unique power of a single city: As we continue to drive value in enabling Active Mobility, our first instinct should be to connect to a city where there is a demand for cycling and women are already leading the tranformation.

  • Increase wider-community contributions: To achieve this ambitious vision more quickly, we will leverage our powerful open source community. Women are not so active in Open Source Community - We will connect to global and local communities for women to build and contribute to the platform.

  • Make cycling lovable: We want to ensure the cycle usage experience is great, which will lead to more paying customers and improved customer retention. We intend to work with cycle companies to build cycles that are easy to maintain and also cater to multiple use cases.

  • She Cycles-hosted first: Most Women don't want to run She Cycles themselves (self-managed), so we should build out the offerings where we do it for them (NNCF-hosted).


Personas are the people we design for. Urban Girls from Colleges, and Rural Women are currently the primary personas we focus on, and we tailor our user experience to their needs. That is the ultimate She Cycles goal - where everyone involved with Active Mobility development and delivery uses a single platform for building active mobility in their neighborhood with Women Leading from the front.

She Cycles Themes#

At She Cycles, we choose some specific areas of emphasis to help guide the teams on the directional themes that we want to accentuate in our product. This section is used to highlight that emphasis.

FY23 Product Themes#

For FY24, the four key product investment themes we are focused on are:

Key Products

  • [Multiple Girls Cycles]
  • [Bike Bus]


The Idea of co-operatives matured in India but unfortunately the co-operatives failed due to multiple reasons in India. Transparency and Decentralization and Engaggement is key stone for any co-operative movement.

Key Questions

  • [Ensure Transparency]
  • [Ensure Accountability]
  • [Ensure Responsibility]


We are in the process of defining the scope of She Cycles - Watch out this space

Your contributions#

She Cycles's direction is determined by the contribution by Women. Contributing is the best way to get the concept into reality.

Key Technical Challenges#

If you are interested in contributing to specific, priority key technical challenges, we maintain the following list of priority issues and epics. Feel free to add a comment expressing your interest in these issues and epics to determine the best place to contribute.

  • [Rental Spaces]
  • [Investment]
  • [Revenue Sharing]
  • [Bicycle Rental Efficiency]
  • [Bicycle Search]
  • Integrating Public Transport into She Cycles
  • [Protected Assets]
  • [Frontend Access to Women]
  • [Provide a She Cycles Agent Operator]