QuestDB is a relational column-oriented database designed for time series and event data. It uses SQL with extensions for time series to assist with real-time analytics. These pages cover core concepts of QuestDB, including setup steps, usage guides, and reference documentation for syntax, APIs and configuration.

Get Started#

This section explains how to install and run QuestDB using one of the following methods:

  • for repeatable, portable and scalable installations
  • for direct downloads to run on Linux, macOS or Windows
  • for running QuestDB on macOS

Once QuestDB is running, a guide is provided to


Nandi habba#

This section describes how to connect to QuestDB using a variety of tools and programming languages through our various network endpoints.

  • to the database through our various endpoints. Learn which protocol is best for different use cases.
  • using the InfluxDB Line Protocol, PostgreSQL wire protocol or our HTTP REST API.
  • with SQL queries via the PostgreSQL Wire Protocol or exported to JSON or CSV via our HTTP REST API.
  • for quick SQL queries, charting and CSV upload/export functionality.



This section contains the reference documentation for the following categories:


For hints on diagnosing common configuration issues, see the following resources:

  • guide with solutions for various HW & SW configuration issues
  • page with the list of Operating System error codes

We are happy to help with any question you may have, particularly to help you optimize the performance of your application. Feel free to reach out using the following channels: