Lead Ride For Academia

Intellectual growth and academic achievement should not come at the expense of wellbeing. Together, we can create a culture at your campus that embraces the importance of mental health and wellbeing. To live healthy and purposeful lives is a necessary complement to learning science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the humanities. Further develop physical culture and mass sports and possibility of exploring the world on cycles - Cycling regularly and regular physical activity is the most dramatic, harmless, relaxing, "free medicine" and "free treatment" that creates symptoms for health. 10% of human deaths worldwide are related to physical inactivity.

Role of cycling#

Improved metabolismFocus on food and nutrition
Increased mindfulnessIncreases concentration and reflex action
Cardio HealthBurns more calories and greatly improves your cardiovascular health
Lung HealthImproves lung function
ObesityReduced Obesity Helps maintain body and muscle tone
Lessening depressionHealthy relationships & meaningful connections help create thriving communities
Lessening depressionHealthy relationships & meaningful connections help create thriving communities
ExplorationHealthy relationships & meaningful connections help create thriving communities
Nature ConnectLeads to rejuvenation
Team WorkSports & Culture building


NNCF initiates the conversation with the Academic leadership and the key stakeholders to make the Institute as a Lead Ride Institute.

A Lead Ride Institute performs the following key roles.

  1. Agrees to organize the Lead Ride Program on World Cycle Day
  2. Connects and Convenes the Active Mobility Ecosystem players
  3. Commits funding for the Lead Ride Program in the University
  4. Appoints Lead Ride Buddies in the University to lead the effort of Active Mobility Transformation.

Lead Ride Program Stages#

The Lead Ride University Program consists of two core stages, with interactive sessions, as well as:

Stage 1#

Active Mobility Awareness - Foundation , a guided course where students will learn the basics of Active Mobility and discover opportunities for enhancing Active Mobility in their campus A lot of the inner-workings of Active Mobility and its impact are explored in the Active Mobility Awareness module.

  • Introduction to Active Mobility Concept or Active Mobility Principles to generate interest in the student and faculty community
  • Organizing Active Travel to students - they can explore cultures - people and opportunities and network
  • Wellness with Bicycles B-well club - to start a b-well club at the institute. Health and Wellness Programs develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive behaviors to nurture their well-being by cycling. B-well habits emphasizes good habits - focus on food and nutrition, regular physical activity and improved overall well-being.
  • Enable Alumni Connect to connect with the alumni and use the alumni network for growth and thriving
  • We connect Peer to Peer Lead Ride Institutes to design and build Active Mobility Futures.

Stage 2#

Despite improved understanding of the links between Active Mobility (AM) and human well-being, no real progress has been made in India in that direction. To kickstart the movement, fundamental work - conceptual, methodological and empirical - is needed to make AM ideas operational and meaningful to the general public. Looking to deepen your own practice and knowledge in Active Mobility ? Ready to take your University to the next level? The skills and techniques needed to help themselves, and others, develop more meaningful Active Mobility practices

  • Introduction to Climate Change Mitigation based on Active Mobility Principles to mitigate the climate change effects
  • Organizing Sustainability Leadership to students - they can explore leadership futures in sustaunability
  • Understanding the economics of mobility a Economics of Mobility - to start measuring the value of active mobility at the institute
  • Enable Active Mobility Planning in the neighborhood of the institute to embrace active mobility
  • Spark Active Mobility Innovation to design and build Active Mobility Innovations.

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World Bicycle Day Ride Together#

Finally the University / Institute showcases the progress during the Lead Ride on World Cycle Day.