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Join the movement We are a global network of connected local communities that aims to limit the negative impacts of tourism, while harnessing its potential.

Be part of the community Find all the members of on our own social media. Join a local group and talk with people from all over the world.

Become an ambassador Activate on your city and promote sustainable tourism. Act now!

Be part of the discussion Discover the thematic groups and be part of the discussion. Share your opinion about topics that interest you the most.

Become an ambassador ACTIVATE A NEW LOCAL COMMUNITY Take the lead and help us develop our sustainable tourism model in your area. Collaborate with our growing network of Local Ambassadors worldwide.

Why are the ambassadors a fundamental part of  THEY HELP ACTIVATING NEW TRAVEL DESTINATIONS We activate new cities only when we find a local Ambassador and in this way guests can start to make bookings with

 COORDINATE LOCAL ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS In order to reinforce and promote at a local level, we nurture positive discussions between guests, hosts, inhabitants, companies, etc. That is the best way to make our project grow!

 LOOK FOR PARTNERS AND HOSTS IN THE TERRITORY We increase our network and help the development of the platform at a local level

 COLLABORATE WITH THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES To ensure that hosts and apartments abide by regulations set by the local municipality or council, you will verify each listing in line with these standards and with the values of Fairbnb.