Social Stock

Building an investment ecosystem#

She Cycles intends to enable an ecosystem for investment in Active Mobility for women. Impact Investors, CSR Grants, Loans from Banks and Municipalities Investments are the sources of investments. We intend to create an ecosystem platform for everyone to come together to assist women to access finance and operate active mobility spaces.

Enabling Social Lending#

We want to see a social lending market that meets the needs women entrepeuners in urban and rural spaces. Growing enterprises and building resilience to improve people’s lives with women leading.

Blended Finance#

Our goal is to make social investment accessible and useful to enable Active Mobility for Women.

Platform Cooperatives#

Build, scale, and deliver active mobility services for women. We are working on a Architecture and Protocol for "She Cycles" co-operatives.

An open source economy–built by women, for women#

If we want Women to be vibrant tomorrow, we need to invest in the enabling them lead an active lifestyle and contributing to design and architecture of active mobility spaces. Hence She Cycles will be an open source platform.

Lowering barriers to make Active Mobility more inclusive and diverse#

We firmly believe that everyone should be able to cycle and cycle is the future of mobility. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DI&B) are core to making Active Mobility work. Lowering barriers to accessing Active Mobility is key for promoting sustainability and Active Mobility Success.