Lead Ride For Community


NNCF initiates the conversation with the community leadership and the key stakeholders to make the community as a Lead Ride Community. A Lead Ride Community performs the following key roles.

  1. Agrees to organize the Lead Ride on World Cycle Day
  2. Connects and Convenes the Active Mobility Enabling Leaders and Players
  3. Commits funding for the Lead Ride
  4. The outreach and branding campaign is supported
  5. Appoints Lead Ride Buddies in the community to lead the effort of Active Mobility & Active Travel Transformation.


Lead Ride Community - is a unique, participatory model of cycling which offers the potential to create real and lasting benefits for a wide spectrum of stakeholders, both inside and outside the community.


Amidst the social changes brought on by globalization, local communities cannot live in isolation. Community Cycling is one way to bring people of different backgrounds together. Ideally, Community Cycling seems to offer hosts and visitors a unique opportunity to share their different cultures and points-of-view. People are able to share first-hand experiences together and to develop personal relationships which can grow into powerful alliance contributing towards the community wellness and sustainable environment and development.

Criteria for Community to be part of Lead Ride#

  • Community potential
    • Community ownership and responsibility for the effort.
  • Market potential of Community Cycling & Marketing
  • Role of local government in supporting Community Cycling
  • Project personnel and funding
  • Community Skills and Capacity Building
  • Community co-operatives for revenue generation and revenue sharing

Significance of Community Cycling#

Legislation and Policy Integration#

Potential Locations for Communities#

Design of Services for Active Travel#

NNCF will work with the communities in designing the following services for Active Travel.

Experience Planning and Design#

Retail Experience to enable local market & local community#


Information and way finding#

  • Ensure that the wayfinding design and signage in general provides three major functions: • orientation and direction (connectivity between present location and desired location) • identification of locations • relevant information for further decision making
  • Budget to be incorporated for designing and installing signages
  • Arrival point or address of the facility or building
  • Assistive wheelchairs/ info for physically challenged
  • Main entry from highway
  • Maps, logos, pictograms Community's image symbols and artwork
  • Restrooms and toilet facilities
  • Safety, regulatory, prohibition and advisory signs

Infrastructure incentives for community tourism#

Bicycle Skill Village#

Infrastructure Needs for Active Travel by the Community#

NNCF will work with the communities in designing the following services for Active Travel.


Safety and security#


Food and restaurant#


Toilet /Rest room#

Reading room /library#

Museum/visitor information center#

Zoning inside the Village#

Community spaces#

Wellness zones - Yoga & Meditation#