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Nandi Heritage Ride

Nandi Habba is a one-day festival that celebrates the heritage and culture of Nandi Hills with a Heritage Walk, Nature Walk, and Cyclothon. This festival is designed to educate people on the richness of the history and the flora and fauna of the area.

4 MAR 2018



About the Organisers

Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka****The Department of Tourism, Karnataka implements the Tourism Department’s decisions and undertaking overseas/ domestic promotion and publicity. It promotes the State, and its campaigns have finally made the world sit up and take notice of the ‘Many Worlds’ that make up this vibrant state.

United Way Bengaluru****United Way is engaged in nearly 1,800 communities across more than 40 countries and territories worldwide. United Way Bengaluru is focused on creating community-based and community-led solutions that strengthen the building blocks for good quality of life: education, financial stability and health.

Namma Nimma Cycle Foundation****NNCF is a non-profit company in Bangalore with focus on promoting cycling, cycle sports and cycle culture. It is also building a public bicycle sharing platform for Karnataka. The aim of NNCF is to increase connectivity and create environmentally friendly modes of public transportation using bicycles. NNCF is also active in promoting heritage cycle tours and cycle tourism in Karnataka.


Nandi Hills is home to thousands of birds, butterflies and other indigenous life forms, and over 100 varieties of plants, trees and creepers. It has a rich, captivating history; untouched hiking and adventurous trails and a proud community. Yet, all of this is largely unknown to people. Nandi Habba aims to use the transformational nature of the arts, culture and creativity to bring about positive change in individuals, communities, and the spaces around Nandi Hills.

Nandi Habba’s central objectives are to

● Create a different perspective of Nandi Hills – establish Nandi Hills as a heritage site

● Integrate the culture of art, the study of nature and ecology and the spirit of sports in the context of the Hills

● Develop broader and more diverse audiences for arts, nature and sports through


● Empower local communities

● VR Technology for promotion of tourism.


Nandi Habba had different categories of runs to cater to different segments:

  • 21K - Half-marathon for professional runners
  • 10K run for amateur runners
  • 5K run for local community participation.

Dr Sudhakar MLA of Chikkaballapur MLA Dr Sudhakar flagged of the 10K, 21K and 5k run in the morning. Around 800 runners participated in the run. Almost all the participants from these teams completed the run on time.

Participation by the Paramilitary Forces

Nandi Habba saw active participation from the various security organizations like Border Security Force (BSF), Madras Engineering Group (MEG),  Indian Air Force and the Karnataka Police.

Karnataka Police Team in the backdrop of the hills.

Music and Running

Agni Team performed drum-beats for the runners both at the start and end of the run

Community Participation

Nandi Habba saw active participation of the community. People from various backgrounds and age groups participated in the run.

Timing Technology for Accurate Time Measurement

Marathon Timing systems were deployed for the nandi habba which involved

  • Infrastructural setup and timing points
  • Distribution of timing chips to participants
  • Timekeeping during the race
  • Processing and distributing results.

Support station enroute 

Participation from Expats

Kids arena 

During Nandi Habba around 20 kinds of traditional games were arranged by United way Bengaluru for children to participate.

Cycling Competitions - Amateur and Pro Elite Race 

The Bicycle Race was conducted by Venkatesh, former National Champion and Director of several bicycle races in India. Around 75 cyclists participated in the Amateur Cyclothon and around 75 participated in the pro-cycling race. The pro-cycle race encircled the Nandi Hills four times before culminating on the top of the hills. 

Sridhar Savanur National Champion won the Nandi Cycle Challenge. Alex Grewal - F**ormer Olympic Gold winner from USA  was invited to distribute the prizes. Grewal became the first American to win an Olympic Gold Medal in Road Cycling at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.**


Akshar Yoga conducted the morning yoga at the Bhoganandeswara temple, where some youth held a spectacular display of yoga. 


The versatile singer, Vasu Dixit originally from Mysuru is well-known for leading popular bands such as Swarathma and Vasu Dixit Collective. Vasu DIxit performed for the nandi habba and enthralled the audience.



Bharatanatyam performance was given by Padmaja and her team

Heritage Walks

The Heritage walks were conducted by the Nandi Valley Walks team Siddharth Raja. Around 25-30 participants attended the heritage walk.

An ancient fortress of Tipu Sultan, temples designed by the artistic Chola empire and more – this region is adorned with relics and monuments that celebrate a bygone era. Led by Siddharth Raja, these walks are themed around Cornwallis & Tipu: The Sultan & the British in Battle, Ancient Bhoganandishwara Temple – India’s Centuries Old Heritage Meets Modernity and Nandi Hills Summit: The Legacy of a Hill Fortress. These walks narrated history with a local flavour and emphasised on the micro-history of the Nandi Hills and how it interplays with large historical themes.

Nature Walks

Around 30 Nature lovers participated in the nature walk organized as part of Nandi Habba with Ullhas of Eco Edu.

The Nature Walks consisted on: 

  • Themed walks covering birds, trees and insects of Nandi Hills
  • Sighting endemic birds (Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Shaheen Falcon, Black Eagle, Crimson-backed Sunbird, and more)
  • Learning about different types of forests and ecosystems of Bangalore
  • Understanding the symbiotic relations between creatures of the forest
  • Motivating wildlife enthusiasts to include photography, nature writing, wildlife spotting etc into their interests

Local Community Involvement

Nandi Habba team had reached out to the grape farmers and also the agriculture department to enable a farmers flea market. The response from farmers was however wanting and this area will be worked on in the coming years. Sufficient time and resources and a community involvement plan has to be put in place to enable the local community to appreciate the initiative and participate.

Media reports

Online video report

1 News

News 9

Times of India

Next steps

Nandi Habba brought together a team that was interested in various aspects of Nandi Hills. We look forward to work with the Karnataka Government in the following direction:

  • Organize events to maintain the cleanliness of the environment around the hills

  • Organize and enable digitization of heritage and nature archives

  • Make Nandi Hills a tourism destination by promoting it as:

    •  The adventure destination for runners, cyclists and hikers
    • An eco-tourism destination - enable connectivity through railways on weekends. Arrange special buses to carry the cyclists to the base of the Nandi Hills along with the cycles.
  • Eco conservation

    •  Organize tree planting and lake conservation around Nandi Hills
  • Create awareness through bicycle rides about the rivers that originate at the base of Nandi Hills

  • Efficiently manage solid waste at Nandi Hills.

Sponsors and Partners

Discovery Village

Discovery Village provided breakfast for over 1000 runners and cyclists at Nandi Habba. Discovery village also sponsored around 1000 caps and 600 T-shirts for the special forces team who had come to Nandi Habba.


Annexure 1

Winners of the Half Marathon and the 10K running competition

Half Marathon(21Km) - Open


PositionBIB No.TimingsPrize
1 - 21451:18:29₹ 20,000
220181:19:54₹ 15,000
320051:21:11₹ 10,000
420061:22:10₹ 8,000
521471:23:11₹ 8,000


PositionBIB No.TimingsPrize
122021:34:52₹ 20,000
222011:39:59₹ 15,000
322041:47:19₹ 10,000
422181:48:41₹ 8,000
522211:50:31₹ 8,000

Nandi 10KM Run - Open


PositionBIB No.TimingsPrize
111040:52:46₹ 6,000
211150:53:09₹ 5,000
310890:53:25₹ 4,000
411010:54:47₹ 3,000
510960:55:32₹ 2,000


PositionBIB No.TimingsPrize
111631:06:51₹ 6,000
211561:23:54₹ 5,000
311911:27:25₹ 4,000
411581:35:50₹ 3,000
511901:39:54₹ 2,000

Annexure 2 

Winners of the Pro Cycling and Amatuer Cycling Competition

Pro race winners - 75KM 

PrizeNameTimingsPrize Amount (RS)BIB NO
IShridhar Savanur2:07:16500002241
IIIDilip Mane2:07:22200002239
VKiran Kumar Raju2:07:3280002246
VIIIYalguresh 2:10:3250002237

Amateur Race - 40 KM Winners

PrizeNameTimePrize Amount
IShaurya1:18:31₹ 10,000
IITejaswi1:24:30₹ 7,000
IIIKiran1:27:02₹ 5,000
IVSrini 1:32:12₹ 3,000
VAnand1:36:24₹ 2,000